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Learning never goes out of style.


Corporate Training for a Modern Workforce.

Video, Audio, Photography, productivity and more.


At Dapper Training we believe in intensive, project-based learning. Today's workforce is highly motivated and eager to learn. Some of that is lost when trying to add or enhance their skill set. Our master instructors are not only experts in their fields, but also skilled at making the learning process enjoyable and energizing.

 Be it at our Manhattan location or on-site at your facility, our main focus is to provide top quality training at competitive rates. Our trainers are working professionals with proven training aptitude and can provide instruction for all skill levels.

We can provide fully-equipped laptops or use your own machines. Although we are based in New York City, we have the mobility to set up training ANYWHERE. This site lists some of the training possibilities, but if acourse is not listed, please feel free to contact us!


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Dapper Training offers classroom and corporate training for mac-based audio, video, photography and productivity software. We specialize in cutting-edge products by companies like Apple, Adobe and Avid. Because we live and breathe technology we also offer technology consulting. Curious? Just get in touch and find out what we can do for you!

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